Dear customers, partners and colleagues,

We are in the middle of an exciting time and a period in which we can continuously  feel innovative changes. However, it is very important to evaluate those changes in order to examine  what they mean for the companies. In the middle of all those changes and difficulties, no company group can guarantee its leadership position in the market. Next to that, every leader should always remember that there might be other companies who are hungry for success and wait for the right opportunity to go forward!

This rule also applies to “EDELSTAAL GROUP“!

Even though we have achieved wonderful things, the time is not the time to rest! In order to be ahead of our competitors in these difficult times, we have to adapt to the changing environment around us, and turn every change into opportunity.

As we all know, 20th century mainly consisted of changes on productivity. The new century in which digital technologies  transforms the society will be about creativity and innovation. “Great goals require great ideas!” In order to reach great goals, we need to work hard. It is also not enough to just work hard, we also need to explain what we are doing and what we are going to do. Us, “EDELSTAAL GROUP“, during our development process, were always aware of these and set our goals for long term cooperations, not for short terms. For example, the the trust that comes from dynamism and from the product quality of “EDELSTAAL GROUP“, is adapted to perfect design works. We created a marketing approach that combines the “smile” that represents sincerity, and the “excitement” that is born from desire to work.

I am very happy to be here with you to share our brand history of “SIMTRONIC“, “SWS“, and “ORKA“, especially the unique culinary tradition that we are trying to create.

To create a creative soul

This subject, is the unmissable item of this century for the companies. How can we make sure that creative soul is accepted in every part of the company, from marketing to design and administration?  How do we sense and develop new perfect products and technologies?

It is very important for us to look for the best talents throughout the world, to stimulate our workers in order for them to express their creativity and use full of their potentials, and to combine the wonderful talents and imagination within the company. We have to adopt a pioneer approach in which we should stand in difficulties, not be afraid to fail, see unsuccess as a step to innovation and new ideas. We have to accept that inspiration comes from the most unexpected sources and we should encourage our workers to act according to their feelings. Next to all that, we should work harder in order to become leaders in new business sectors

Contribution to the welfare of the society

I want to explain that a change in a year in a digital age is equal to a change in 100 years in an analogue age.

When the opportunities arise, we have to use them in a most efficient way. For this reason, we have to adopt our strategies according to the changing marketing trends, and while we are looking for new ones, we have to strengthen our talents. In order to be successful in new business sectors, we have to put our production seeds in the right time and in an appropriate way.

Besides, we have to remind ourselves our responsibilities that we have towards our customers and partners. We don’t need to point out the importance that the responsibility we have towards organizations/groups that makes  the brands that “EDELSTAAL GROUP” has created so successful! We have to strengthen our relationships with our partners every day and try for new collaborations. The most important is that we have to continue our following promise with various social efforts and programs:  “with the hope of a better society, contribute to the wealth of people everywhere in the world”.

To plan a better world

We have seen the bad effects of conflicts and disasters in the world arena. Despite these negativeness, economically we grew in various parts of the world continuously. Our desire to develop new policies in the world and in our company, our effort to develop new ideas will be the basis of progress.

As “EDELSTAAL GROUP“, we are continuing our determination to strengthen our creative culture and catch the opportunities of the day. This is because we believe that, in order to grow, we need to be successful in difficult and exciting times. As long as we preserve our passion and continue our excitement that will not dread from difficulties, our future will be good and bright. Never forget that the future is waiting for those that dream of it!

As the last words, I would like to thank our customers, colleagues, partners and everyone that are supporting our success, and wish you success to increase the efficiency in the business world.