Edelstaal Company Group was founded in early 80’s and it is formed by Turkish-Italian-English-Swiss partners. It consists of organizations and companies that are active in different sectors. Our group exports the brands “Simtronic” and “SWS” especially to Europe and the rest of the world. These brands are produced in a factory in Italy. Our company and its products are a brand in their sectors with their 28 years of history. Edelstaal Company Group created a sub group called “Orka Group” in Turkey and it is known in different businesses. Our Turkish group Orka is a known and famous brand in “tourism – hotels”, “construction – real estate”, and “agriculture – livestock”. The president of our group Turgut Torunoglu has been chosen as the best businessman of 2007 and this indicates the quality and fame of our products. Edelstaal Group always tries to deliver the best quality and efficiency in a continuous way. Our group has won “Turkey’s best facility prize” in “International Thomas Cook 2007 awards” in the tourism sector.

Doga A.S., which was founded in 1997

Doga incorporated company was founded to be active in livestock market, but it later also became active in the construction business. Our livestock farm in Esen town of Fethiye is founded on 29.000,00- m² area and it has a capacity of 600 cattle. Our farm also consists of 2 villas, open and closed stock units, and also open/close cattle fodder units. Our farm delivers goods to meat industry that is established in Izmir, Afyon, Usak and Burdur.

Orka Ltd. that was founded in 2005

Orka Ltd. was founded to serve in the construction market, however its priority is the sale and marketing of properties for the international market. It has around 450 employees. Fethiye and the surroundings are one of the most famous places known in Europe and Turkey for their historical importance and natural beauty. This is why our company holds a very important position in the real estate market. Our company enlarged its investments in the Fethiye region in 1993 for this reason. It performed important projects in property (villa, apart and apartment) market and sold these to (most importantly) English, Dutch and Turkish citizens. Since its establishment, our group is specialized in kitchen appliances, tourism-hotels, agriculture-livestock and construction-real estate businesses thanks to its dynamic and goer structure. Its active business areas include projects such as kitchen appliances, touristic facilities, stock farms and property complexes. One of the most important factors that distinguishes Edelstaal Company Group is that the promised projects and services are delivered to the customer with the best quality, on time and without any problems.

Conclusions and Suggestions from the Edelstaal Group

Our company is increasing its investment moves since 80’s. As a consequence, our company transformed into a massive structure that employs 1300 people, comparing to 50-60 employees in early 80’s. Our company became one of the leading firms in Aegean region, comparing to one vacation village land as the only investment in 80’s. As you would understand, in order to be a leading company, it is important to take right decisions with the right people. As a conclusion, the best advantage of our company is to take the right decisions with the right people. We have to fathom and absorb this idealistic gain also in our lives no matter what.